Regina Group  

Regina Group is a world leading developer and manufacturer of power transmission chains and related power transmission devices and components. Thanks to its long-standing technical knowledge, manufacturing know-how and highly diversified product range, the Group is able to offer reliable solutions to a widespread global portfolio of end markets.
Regina Group operates worldwide through fully owned commercial and manufacturing subsidiaries with strong local technical knowledge and a capillary network of distributors and agents. Such proximity to our customers allows us to deeply understand their needs and to find appropriate solutions, delivering total quality at all times.

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Regina Group offers a custom-fit, diversified and complete product portfolio of standard and special industrial power transmission chains, including:

1. Conveying chains

  • Light conveyor chain
  • Fly roller chains
  • Heavy conveying chains

2. Roller chains

  • Precision roller chains
  • Oilfield roller chains
  • Other roller chains

3. Fleyer chains

4. Tool holder chains

5. Escalator chain

6. Special application chains

  • Special chains with attachments
  • Agricultural chains
  • Gripper chains
  • Pin oven chains
  • Bottle washer chains
  • Spike attachment chain



Regina Group offers a top of the range and complete product portfolio of motorcycle power transmission chains, including:

1. Primary transmission chains
2. Secondary transmission chains
3. Cam drive chains





Regina Group offers a vanguard and complete product portfolio of conveyor chains and belts, including:

1. Plastic and stainless steel flat conveyor chains
2. Modular plastic belts
3. Steel and plastic sprockets
4. Magnetic curves





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