perma PRO MP-6 | PRO C MP-6

The stand-alone multi-point lubrication system for up to 6 lubrication points
- perma PRO MP-6 is a battery operated multi-point lubrication system
- perma PRO C MP-6 is the machine or PLC controlled version with external power supply

Product Characteristics

  • Display with two buttons and LED shows remaining volume / active outlets / blocked outlets and operating status
  • Easy to program and change the discharge period and active outlets
  • The lubrication of critical lubrication points can be easily monitored
  • User friendly operation
  • Supplies up to 6 lube-points with the same amount of grease
  • Machine controlled with PRO C Drive
  • If one or more grease points are blocked, the lubricator will continue to pump to the remaining points
  • Remote mounting at hard to access lube-points or outside of dangerous areas increases workplace safety
  • Discharge periods of up to 24 months possible
  • Simple exchange without tools
  • Less material / personnel cost
  • Precise supply of lubricant to lubrication points
  • Lubricant cartridges LC units size 250 cc / 8.45 oz or 500 cc /16.9 oz

Technical Data


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